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This is where I make my music and productions. I spend a lot of time here, twisting sounds on my synthersizers, recording on tape, and having mixing sessions. 


I'm always up to interesting collaborations. If you have an idea or request, please get in touch!





Minimoog Model D

Moog Mother-32

Roland Juno-60

Roland Alpha Juno-1

Roland SH-09

Roland RS-202


Drum Machines

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace

Roland CR-78

Roland TR-606

Acidlab Miami (808 Clone)


Other Instruments

Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes MK II

Electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster

Nord Electro 4D



Golden Age PRE-73 MK II (Neve clone)

Toft ATB-08 console

Tascam-38, 8 track 1/2” tape recorder

Tascam 244, 4-track cassette recorder

Roland Space Echo RE-201

ProAc Studio 100 speakers



RME 802

Logig Pro X

Collection of UAD and Soundtoys plugins

Various of microphones, guitar amps etc

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