Photo: Gianluca La Bruna

My name is Albin Johansson. I'm a musician, composer, and producer, based in Malmö, Sweden. I do recordings and live shows with instrumental music, based on analog synthesizers, organs and drum machines. My style can be described as electro with wibes from krautrock, synth pop and minimalism. Since 2013 I've worked with different labels and played shows in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. 

Besides this music, I'm involved in other music projects. Under the alias PAL, I've released two albums and made remixes for Alice Boman, Big Fox and Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone). I'm also a frequent live member with Solander, Adam Evald and Astromike Gordon. Since 2016 I have a duo together with the Copenhagen based producer and musician Mika Forsling. Besides this I run the label Paltunes.