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Photo: Maria Krysiak

I'm Albin Johansson, a musician, composer, producer, and DJ, based in Malmö, Sweden.


My solo music is a mix of electro, krautrock, techno, and jazz, mostly based on analog synthesizers and drum machines. Since 2013 I've made several releases on different labels and played over one hundred shows around in Sweden, Europe and the US. 

Under my other alias PAL, I've made remixes for artists as Alice Boman, Døgg Nónsgjógv, and Badlands. Togther with Henric Claesson and Dan Lissvik we have the group Under Allt. I regulary work with the Copenhagen based musician
Mika Forsling and running the label Paltunes. As a musician and producer I also work with many other other artists and musicians..

My studio is located at Tambourine Studios, Malmö.

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