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Photo: Henric Claes

"Albin hittar ett underbart stillestånd med drag av gulnat vykort" 4/5, Dagens nyheter (Review, 2020)

"Hypnotizing melodies" - Savant Musikmagasin (Review, 2020)


”Albin’s recent release ‘III’ is a return to the roots of electronic. Moog and Roland synthesizers drag in synth waves reminiscent of the paradoxically dated yet futuristic era of cyber noir cinema. The beat that lies below that synth is more minimalist however, chasing through a reliable pulse.” - ADSR Collective (Review, 2020)

"A hypnotic headphone trip that is inspired by Cluster and Neu! as it is William Onyeabor” - Tome to the Weather Machine (Review, 2020)

"A wonderfully minimalistic swathe through the history of electronic music" - Doubtful Sounds (Review, 2020)

Interview at Secret Electic 2022

Interview at (Swedish) 2018

“MT4X is an appealing sound creation with DIY touch, well in the footsteps of classic synth artists.” - 8/10, terminal 313 (Review, 2018)

“Vinterkassetten, characterised by its circular rhythm, minimalistic groove and buoyant washes of transcendental synth” - Indie30 (Review, 2018)

“Det bästa med just Sommarkassetten är att den både känns somrig och lekfull. Bara D-vitamin som saknas och det är som en eftermiddag i Juli.” - (Review, 2015)

“Malmös psykedeliska orgel-virtuos” - PSL​ (Review, 2013)

“What you hear here is one man’s love to write music. On first listening I immediately sense a film score where I’m the director and I’m directing myself through a sci-fi epic” - Sounds Of Confsusion (Review, 2013)

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